"Many doors will remain closed to them, and some will close that would have remained open if they had been good girls. Quiet, compliant girls.

But, I swear to all three Graces, my girls will be able to smash those doors to splinters by the time I’m through with them."

Princess Arismendi is sick to death of seeing women denied the opportunities men take for granted. But her determination to liberate and educate the girls of Kingsgarden will spark a flame that could burn her kingdom to the ground...

"Flamouri creates characters with breathtaking depth, set in a world that is both beautiful and terrible. THE FOX AND THE FLAME weaves an adventure celebrating the invisible and forgotten, who have no voice but keep fighting even when no one else sees their value. Captivating from start to finish!"

-Jessie, Beta Reader

A graduate of the Sunderman Conservatory at Gettysburg College, Kassandra Flamouri grew up telling stories through both music and prose. She currently resides in Pennsylvania, where she makes her living as a college prep tutor, digital marketer, and freelance editor.

Join me and Ryan Meier of Discover New Worlds as we talk about the educational and moral value of reading fiction, my books, and the blending of music and prose.

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